La Voie Mélodieuse

Ensemble Vocal

en plein cœur de la France

Walk along our melodious path and feel with us the beauty of the music, which comes to life when our voices mix.

Our ensemble currently consists of 12 experienced to very experienced French, English and Dutch singers. Despite the relatively small group, we have a wide spectrum of voices, which means we also sing in 6 or sometimes in 8 parts. In addition to the fun we have in singing together, we work hard to reach our goal of high quality performance.

Our repertoire is wide and varied. We walk the classical path from the Renaissance to the present, but also take detours to arrangements of popular songs and traditional folk song. We sing in various languages and we will lead you to melancholic, devout, romantic, cheerful and sometimes funny atmospheres.

Our next concert is on December 13, 2020 in the Saint Sauveur church, Argenton sur Creuse.

Of course if the Covid-19 situation allows it.

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